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In between enjoying the sun and ensuring you vote in the SU elections this week, take the time to listen to all of the tunes that The Mic Recommends this week, including Nova Twins, Royal Blood, Sundara Karma, and VUKOVI.

Cleopatra – Nova Twins

You can always recognise a Nova Twins tune when you hear one and Cleopatra is no different. Becoming a more and more refined version of their iconic relationship with distortion and fuzz, their newest track from their upcoming album Supernova invites storytelling into their musical style. The ancient Egyptian tradition of snake charming inspires the enchanting pre-chorus, whereby the overlayed vocals range in a similar style to this culture’s song. After this magical infusion, Amy hits us with the words ‘samurai’, ‘dancer’, ‘warrior’, and ‘fighter’ that remind us of the true message of their music. They empower people, and in this case, assure that an important symbol of femininity from the past is represented with the strength and power that is deserved. Cleopatra soundtracks powerful women by serving these lyrics alongside a feast of new-genre rock. Even Elton John recently noted how the girls have become his ‘whole world’ with their ballsy, powerful, and fun style. All of this and more is expected with the launch of Supernova in June so keep your eyes and ears peeled! Roxann Yus

All These Dreams - Sundara Karma

Following their previous single Oblivion! last month, which took a more Americanised, pop-punk sound similar to that of bands such as Waterparks, Sundara Karma are back with All These Dreams. The track will appear alongside Oblivion! on the band's upcoming EP of the same name, which will be released on April 1st 2022. All These Dreams continues to make the band harder and harder to pin down in terms of sound and genre. With vocalist Oscar Pollack admitting that his Emo past has made a resurgence here, the track sees the band returning to a guitar-driven instrumental. However, it is not that simple; the instrumental is layered to the max, and there is so much going on that it is hard to begin breaking it down, to be honest. With Clarence Clarity (who has worked with Charli XCX and Rina Sawayama) listed as the producer of the track, it is unsurprising that the track is genre-bending and hard to define. You can hear Clarity's influence here, with the upbeat, dance-infused, fast-paced nature of particularly the latter half of the song. The band continue to push boundaries beyond what anyone would have thought they were capable of at the start of their trajectory, and it is honestly impossible to predict what they will do next. Gemma Cockrell

Your Mind – Greentea Peng

Greentea Peng mixes it up with her latest release. Your Mind hints a rockier sound. Something whispered in the artist’s debut MAN MADE, made last year. However Your Mind doesn’t forget Greentea Peng’s habit of fusing genres together, with the majority of the track showing a clear influence from classic neo soul. The incense welding singer has recently spoken about her love for Neo Soul legend Jill Scott and this love has translated into Jill type vocals on the track, particularly in the chorus. The amalgamation of soulful lyricism and electric guitar creates something unlike anything Greentea Peng has released before. Izzy Felton

All I Ever Asked – Rachel Chinouriri

After a snippet of the track went viral on TikTok, indie singer Rachel Chinouriri has finally released the anticipated track All I Ever Asked. It’s natural to feel apprehensive about hearing the full thing; countless times I’ve heard a snippet of a song on TikTok, only to be disappointed by the full version. But All I Ever Asked does not disappoint. The pretty vocals, harmonies and upbeat instrumentals create a song with such heart-breaking lyrics into one that perfectly fits the longer days and warmer weather. All I Ever Asked is one of my favourite indie pop songs to be released this year. Izzy Felton

Honeybrains - Royal Blood

Just days before they finally set off for their postponed Typhoons tour, Royal Blood give us another clinically executed addition to their discography. Honeybrains is your typical Royal Blood song. The now dominant duo of Mike Kerr and Ben Thatcher play to their strengths perfectly, combining their skills to create a track that will slot in perfectly to their concert repertoire. The single tackles the issue of alcoholism, as the now sober Kerr reflects on the damaging impact it had on him. Metaphor-packed lyrics are paired brilliantly with the instrumentation. Kerr kicks off the song with a mesmerising bass lick, before pairing it with his iconic vocals. As the song develops, Thatcher comes in with perfectly executed percussion, to create a driving force behind the song. If this track is anything to go off, their new music will blend the best elements of their previous outings to continue their supremacy in the British rock world. Kerr and Thatcher have once again cranked out another strong track, with no signs of the formula getting old. Honeybrains is proof that Royal Blood aren’t going away anytime soon. James Pusey


Following its debut on Jack Saunders' Future Sounds Show on BBC Radio 1, VUKOVI have unleashed their new single LASSO. The sound of the track, as with previous VUKOVI releases, is thunderous and unapologetic, with killer guitar riffs and crashing drums. In vocalist Janine Shilstone's words, the lyrics are about being blinded by perception, people not seeing or understanding the real person underneath their 'pop star' status, and being pulled in all directions to please others only looking to gain from your success. This is communicated through repeated chanting of "Make us your popstars" following the chorus of the song, a section of the track that is sure to be electric when performed live, as anyone who has been lucky enough to catch them supporting Creeper this month will have undoubtedly already been able to confirm. If you are looking for a powerful, female-fronted rock band, then look no further, because VUKOVI is just what you ordered. Gemma Cockrell


Edited by: Gemma Cockrell

Featured image courtesy of Nova Twins via Facebook.