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The weather has suddenly improved in Nottingham, and as Spring rears its head once again, The Mic provides the perfect soundtrack for these sunny, bright days. Read below to find out about new releases from Robyn and Mapei, Melody's Echo Chamber, Night Moves and Charli XCX.

Personal Message - Melody's Echo Chamber

Melody’s Echo Chamber has just released the second single from her third album. The single is titled Personal Message, taken from the album Emotional Eternal which will be released on 29th April. The track was inspired by Melody’s time living by the sea in the south of France, and it has a warm tone, combining blissful and confident vocals with soaring, euphoric strings to bring her memories from this period of time to life. The enchanting track is tinged with nostalgia and charm thanks to the consistent strumming of acoustic guitar which runs throughout, providing a secure basis on top of which multiple complex layers are able to soar. Gemma Cockrell

Buffalo Stance - Robyn and Mapei

Buffalo Stance was first released in 1988 by Neneh Cherry, an eloquent and potent anthem for female purpose and resilience: “So don’t you get fresh with me” is yelled out to any “boys” who would dare challenge the status of the “the girls on the block with the nasty curls”. 17 years later, Robyn released her self-titled album containing her iconic breakthrough single With Every Heartbeat. Over the past decades these two artists have written the often-overlooked potential of female edge, emotion and perspective into hip-hop and electronic music that fills the dance floor and has inspired the current generation of unstoppable female musicians. Lifelong friends, Robyn and Neneh have collaborated to create this cover with fellow Swedish-American recording artist, Mapei. The first verse has the softer tempo of a *crying whilst dancing in the club* ambiance that Robyn has always captured so flawlessly. Mapei comes in next, rapping on top of a minimal beat with raw intensity that embodies the tough girl image this song is a tribute to. The fusion of genres and eras is seamless as the layers of percussion, melodies and vocals merge and complement each other throughout the rest of the track. The original was sensational in 1988s and still is, but Robyn’s finesse has brought it back into the nucleus of the music scene in 2022. Christi Smith

Every Rule - Charli XCX

Her fifth and supposedly final single from her upcoming album Crash, which will be released this Friday, Charli XCX has released Every Rule, probably the most similar track to some of her previous recent work that we have heard so far from the new album. The track reminds me of something that appeared on her mixtapes Pop 2 and Number 1 Angel. It is relatively slow-paced, contrasting to the upbeat radio-friendly vibe of previous singles Beg For You and Baby. The piano-led ballad is layered with autotuned vocals reminiscent of her 2020 album how i'm feeling now, a welcome nod to Charli's more experimental era. It shows that Charli hasn't entirely abandoned the sound she adopted for the latter half of the 2010's in favour for mainstream pop, and with Every Rule being one of my favourite songs I have heard from Crash thus far, it only heightens my excitement for the album. Bring on Friday! Gemma Cockrell

Vulnerable Hours - Night Moves

The new track from Night Moves, titled Vulnerable Hours, was written as part of the NPR’s Song Confessional podcast, where songwriters turn anonymous stories and confessions into songs. The song is a classic Night Moves track in terms of sound, blending classic rock with hints of Americana and a Nashville twang. However, the lyrics are the most interesting and unique aspect of the song, telling the story of a recently widowed 70-year-old man and his experiences with using dating apps – something I can safely say I have never listened to a song about before. So, if you're looking for a unique listening experience, then this is one for you. Gemma Cockrell


Edited by: Gemma Cockrell

Featured image courtesy of Melody's Echo Chamber via Facebook.