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From a shimmering new EP from TikTok's latest breakthrough artist PinkPantheress which was released a few weeks ago, to a reimagined version of one of Lucy Dacus' tracks, there have been some interesting and unique releases lately. Topped off by a return from Avril Lavigne, who is now working alongside pop punk legend Travis Barker, and a promising glimpse into the future of pop music from ELIO, check out the best new music that has been released recently in this week's The Mic Recommends.

to hell with it - PinkPantheress

TikTok Phenomenon, PinkPantheress has executed the music scene with her debut EP, to hell with it. Featuring ten electric and catchy sounds, the young British icon has revealed emotions out of us like never before. Picture yourself, riding on a bus home and plundering yourself within nostalgia. There is the true sentiment of what it felt like to grow up in the 2000s or late noughties; where one could describe it as a soundtrack to their youth, and such a complexity of emotions are shared throughout the EP. It is extremely relatable, with each song showing a degree of healing whilst making you dance like no one’s watching. Furthermore, these songs will certainly remain a true treasure between Generation Z... but even the older generations have expressed their genuine love for her songs. One of the renowned songs, Passion, radiates garage tones, with guitar strums, bedroom pop elements and dreamy thoughts, accompanied with lyrics of loneliness and abandonment. It’s an anthem of true yet heartfelt adolescence that makes the growing audience crave more out of the artist. Fidji Gomis Mendy

Bite Me - Avril Lavigne

The queen of pop punk is back. Avril Lavigne has followed up her 2019 album Head Above Water with her new single Bite Me. The announcement of the track came with the news that Lavigne has signed to Travis Barker's record label DTA Records. Barker's name seems to be everywhere at the moment, mostly associated with newer artists, but it is nice to see him collaborating with an early 2000s name here, being credited not for his drumming but instead for producing the track alongside John Feldmann and MODSUN. Another interesting credit on the track is electronic producer Marshmello, who is listed as a songwriter. The song sees Lavigne channelling her feisty pop punk tones, with soaring vocals and nostalgic energy. Gemma Cockrell


Potentially the most catchy pop song I have heard all year, SUPERIMPOSE is a catchy and infectious tune which verges on hyperpop, but without any overpowering bass or glitchy sound effects. The song is a dance-floor anthem, borrowing from other iconic women in pop like Charli XCX, who is probably the most striking comparison I can make. With some of ELIO's previous tracks such as My Friends Online and Jackie Onassis being more laidback and dreamy in tone, SUPERIMPOSE is much more in-your-face and unapologetic, paired with more light-hearted lyrical topics than she has explored previously. Her past work focused mainly on speaking openly about struggles with mental health (which is obviously an incredibly important topic to speak out about) but SUPERIMPOSE is simply about having a crush on someone, a refreshing change. This time, ELIO is just here to have some fun, and I'm absolutely here for it. Gemma Cockrell

Thumbs Again - Lucy Dacus

Thumbs Again is Lucy Dacus’ new and improved re-release of Thumbs, a song she released earlier this year. The older version was eerier, with just her voice and the occasional instrument, whereas the recent release is a fuller song with more instruments and a heavier feel. Initially, I thought the song was about Lucy’s father (whom she didn’t get on with) meeting her partner for the first time. However, as the song carried on, I realised it was actually a song about Lucy’s partner, or perhaps someone she loved platonically but fiercely. A story of sorrow, the song’s alluring melodies take the listener through Lucy’s companion’s challenging experience of meeting their estranged father who hurt her and the anger Lucy felt on their behalf. Beautifully sad, the song is a fantastic depiction of the anger you feel towards a person who has deeply hurt someone special to you, a feeling I am sure we have all felt. Another great release from Dacus. Millie Hopcott

Edited by: Gemma Cockrell

Featured image courtesy of Avril Lavigne via Facebook.