The Jezabels – The Brink

Uncomplicated, unaggressive and unexpected The Brink by The Jezabels offers a moment of calm in the storm of recent new releases. The Australian indie Quartet have managed to yet again weave together a number of non-dominating sounds to form a track that offers the perfect soundtrack to an afternoon with good friends and good music. Incredibly popular in their native Australia, the Quartet have exploded on the charts, offering a type of music that provides a break from the male-dominated sphere of indie music. Steeped in guitar riffs and an uncompromising pop­haze, the song is sure to lift one’s spirits. The perfect song to fall into the ranks of those which inspire hope, with Sweet Disposition by The Temper Trap and We Own The Sky by M83 being beautiful playlist partners.

However, The Jezabels have seemed to have fallen short in the production of the entire album. Stylistically, it’s very particular about what it seems to want to portray, but it is an album that demands to be listed as an album and doesn’t seemed to have given much attention to individual songs.

In terms of singles, The Brink is filled with the certain gravel needed to hold itself as a track in the charts at the moment. It has a Warpaint­esque aesthetic that allows itself to push past the walls of their indie guitar fueled sound. The song has the ability to be played over and over again. A playlist in itself, with the temperament to channel the hope of a new year, but I imagine it’s also going to be a track that will get brought back this summer as a background to many afternoons chilling on The Downs in the euphoria of post-exam freedom

By Krish Jeyakumar