The Internet – Feel Good

The Internet’s new album, “Feel Good” is pretty self-explanatory. It is a one hour record that puts the listener into an awesome state of Zen. It’s not an aggressive sound, just something that manages to sneak into your mind and offer your muscles a break as it massages the stress away. The lyrics are almost whispered, they’re not offensive at all in the way they weave in and out of the music, and because of this, it’s almost as if they prompt your mind to make connections, rather than shoving them down your throat. It’s this style that makes the album so special, you’re humming the songs on the walk home before you even realise what you’re humming.

However it’s this same reason that means the album is meant to be listened to as an album, rather than a collection of tracks. There are only a few tracks that stand out on the first time you hear it, with the rest merging together into a soundtrack to some chill time. This isn’t to say the album is without hits, tracks such as “Dontcha” and “Runnin” will definitely have a spot on my playlist for the next few weeks.

After seeing them earlier this year in March and meeting the band after the performance, it’s been a long wait for the release of ‘Feel Good’, but a wait that has definitely been made worthwhile. The album is not without aim and puts out an incredible vibe, and seeing how much their neo-funk sound has progressed in the last couple of months I’m incredibly excited to see where they plan to go in the future.

All in all, give it a listen and feel yourself being transported in a place akin to the inside of a spinning kaleidoscope, in the chillest possible way.

By Krish Jeyakumar