Preview: The Hoosiers @ The Bodega

The Hoosiers are back ladies and gentlemen, and they’re bringing 2007 with them. The pop-rock trio are returning to the UK music scene with a revamp of their debut album- The Trick to Life – a prospect which has had many hardcore fans of the band, including myself, jumping for joy. The Bracknell-based band came crashing into the charts with catchy melodies and thought provoking lyrics that seemed to have every kid in my Year 8 Geography class humming Goodbye Mr. A for at least half a year.

The much-anticipated gig comes at the perfect time for us University of Nottingham students as it lands during Fresher’s week on Friday the 29th September at the Bodega, one of the most intimate venues on the tour and a definite favourite of many in Nottingham itself. This band can arguably be said to have laid the foundation on which many later pop-rock bands built and have definitely earned their spot amongst the ‘Fratellies’ and ‘Razorlights’ of this world. This gig is a must see for any late naughties alternative fan and the inevitable stroll down memory lane which will occur throughout the evening will not be filled with your childhood band playing out terrible gimmicks.

This is The Hoosiers, back to doing what they do best: banging snare hits and Irwin Sparkes’ unforgettable falsetto.

Catch them at The Bodega on 29th September – don’t miss out!

By David O’Rourke