The Freshers Rite of Passage – Stealth vs Rescued

Voted Nottingham’s best club night, with two of the city’s biggest and best clubs joining together to host up to 6 rooms of music ranging from deep house, to dance classics and indie anthems plus a free guest-list, Stealth vs Rescued is any fresher’s dream.

Admittedly, I was a late-comer to Stealth vs Rescued. I was initiated in early March this year, a whole 6 months after I moved to nottingham. Thats something like 25 saturday nights. Yes, its a very upsetting statistic, but we should learn from our mistakes, and I just don’t want you to make the same one i did.

I lost my innocence, so to speak, to Gorgon City. Drunk and cocky, my mate Tom and I got right to the front and spent most of their set trying to get high-5s from them. They were actually nice enough to take a photo of us from the decks on my phone. Presumably to get us to leave.

Go away now please

Before Gorgon, we were downstairs in Stealth Room 2, where Roosevelt were playing a live set of their electro-guitar-house loveliness. I’d never heard of Roosevelt before, but now they’re one of those bands that I always come back to. And that, kids, just goes to show that not only to you get big names at Stealth vs Rescued but you can also discover some great new artists.

Even though at one point an empty can did soar anonymously over the crowd making a pleasing ‘dong’ sound on the back of my head, everyone was out for a good time and I didn’t take it personally. Theres always a festival kind of atmosphere at Stealth vs Rescued, probably due to the open nature of it. With free entry, a huge outdoor smoking area, multiple rooms of music with almost every genre you could imagine, it caters for everyone. If you can’t have a good time there, seek professional advice.

You’re going to be inundated with leaflets, flyers and booklets from venues and promoters over freshers week, and there are loads of nights in Nottingham which are great. Its a city with an amazing music scene – the live venues play host to some of the countries biggest and best touring artists, and it’s even the home of a few.

The truth is, you should go and taste all the student nights in Nottingham. They’re all worth at least a nibble. Stealth vs Rescued however, is a huge plate of Mum’s homemade shepherds pie; familiar and delicious. So dig in and go back for thirds. Week in week out, it attracts a plethora of artists you’d normally have to part with your hard-borrowed money to see.

One last pointer – when you get to you first Stealth vs Rescued, start the night in the downstairs bar of Rescue Rooms with a teapot of shots. But not the oil-slick one. Supposedly its black Sambuca and Baileys but I think it is actually just crude oil.


By @Luke_Gallimore