The Fratellis – Rock ‘n Roll Will Break Your Heart

With the release of their third album, ‘We Need Medicine’,  after a long hiatus The Fratellis have released a more mature album with their trademark style which can be shown in the song ‘Rock ‘n Roll Will Break Your Heart’.

This song was some of the first new material played by the band since 2008’s ‘Here We Stand’ in their gigs after reforming. What makes this song different from their previous material is its maturity, which can be said for the rest of the album. Jon Fratelli’s singing in this is top notch can definitely feel the emotion in his voice in this beautiful song.

This song wouldn’t fit in the band’s first two releases and rightly so, listening to the album as a whole the members have grown up when the band has grown apart each having their own adventures; lead singer, Jon, formed a new band and released a solo album, bass player, Barry Fratelli, joined The Twangs also working as a DJ and drummer, Mince Fratelli, joined a heavy metal band before reuniting with Jon to join his backing band. But as the album and this song share a more grown up theme, they haven’t lost their fun.

The chorus is something you cannot help but sing to with its motivating beat where any other band would let this type of song be very slow and dull, The Fratellis bring their trademark guitar riffs and really elevates this song to something that you can listen on repeat.

I will admit when first listening to it, I originally thought that this might have been better suited for Jon Fratelli’s solo album ‘Psycho Jukebox’ but I then came to realise that this song is similar to ‘Whistle for the Choir’ and ‘Milk and Money’ from the previous albums it’s a fantastic ballad with great style but what sets it apart from its predecessors is it’s much more mature feel and more emotive vocals. If this is what The Fratellis are going to produce from now on, I can’t wait to see what they bring out next.

We Need Medicine is available now.

By Jack Greenard