The Crookes deliver an eclectic set at The Bodega

Having just kicked off their UK tour with Misty Miller supporting, and soon to take on the States, it’s clear The Crookes are about to have the best few months of their lives. Originally from Sheffield, this indie rock band is simply too good to be kept under the radar, and as they continue to spread their sound through their tour, they will undoubtedly create die hard fans along the way.

Their eclectic set was full of energy and passion, and its clear that their music could be transferred to any venue, anywhere, and the audience would still be able to experience a feeling of intimacy within their melodies. Feel good, catchy tunes such as ‘Backstreet Lovers’ and ‘I Wanna Waste My Time On You’ were favourites with the crowd, with many yelling their lyrics back to them with sincere appreciation for their talent. Throughout their set, their personalities had no difficulty in shining through in their music, in particular due to some hard-core hair flicking by front man and vocalist George Waite.

The mood in the Bodega proceeded to shift as the fantastic Misty Miller re-emerged on stage to perform a tantalising duet with the band, with harmonies that mesmerised even the loudest of spectators. A fantastic set performed by a band whose passion for their music, belief in themselves, and genuine gratitude for those who had come out to support them on a cold February evening was doubted by no one. I have no uncertainty that they will absolutely smash their upcoming tour, creating an even greater following as they continue to spread their festive, unique sound. They deserve every success that is coming their way, due to their incredible music and the sincerity with which they perform, which should definitely not be taken for granted.

Emma Hulston



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