The Cribs @ Rescue Rooms, 11/02/15

For indie rock warriors, The Cribs, the time after the long anticipated wait for new material to emerge was finally here. Touring round the quirkiest venues around the country, started off in Nottingham’s very own Rescue Rooms. Despite limited material being put online, after my interview later in the afternoon with Gary here, I had much more of an idea of what to expect from the Northern lads that night. From mixed up setlists, to the vast age range in the crowd, I stood there waiting for the moment to see one of my favourite bands from my teens once again.

Supported by the woeful Menace Beach, it set the mood just right before the headline act. I coudn’t help but notice how much I appreciated the luscious locks of all five band members. Their music was a bit of Peace mixed with the sharp, jagged edge of 80’s rock – interesting to say the least. I reckon it could have been rehearsed a lot better though, as most of what we heard was raging guitar riffs, and a husky monotone voice trying to smooth out the strong background bass. Oh well, have to applaud them for their talent I guess, as us inferiors sit and watch them perform on a stage. The lights dimmed for a few as they reshuffled across the stage.

Slightly delayed, the crowd went to darkness. We all stood there biting our lips to see who’d emerge first. Into a raging gusto we all screamed as an familiar new song from their forthcoming new album, ‘An Ivory Hand’. It was nice to hear them introducing to us the main reason they hit the stage – because they’re showing us their new material and they love performing in front of an eager crowd to please them. After another one of their new songs debuting that night, they jumped into the screaming crowd’s sways with ‘Come On, Be A No-One’ from their 2012 album, In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull. We all just lapped up the familiarity, headbanging our way to happiness, then slowly drifting to slow ballady strums of ‘Cheat On Me’, for all the broken hearts out there. 

The set drifted through with some new, some old, some glittery and gold. Highlights by far included the songs which just got us up and moshing in great gusto; “Hey scenesters, hey hey scenesters!!” the audience screamed to Gary and Ryan’s monotone echoes. Even after getting partially injured, it was the highlight of the night losing my voice to one of my favourite live bands. We heard a few of what Gary had said to me earlier as his favourite ones to perform live, ‘Back To The Bolthole’ and my personal anthem, ‘I’m a Realist’ which, let’s be honest, changed everyone’s early teens back in 2007. Soon it was time to come to a close – and they definitely left the best to last. The familiar guitar strums to the intro to our favourite song came on, we all knew what was being played. From those who knew all the lyrics to the silly little hip kids who just knew the words “Man’s needs”, honestly, I didn’t really care. We were all there to appreciate a damn good band in all its fine glory.

The closed with what is the last song on their new album, “Pink Snow”, a kind of melancholy, simple and perfect end to the gig. We all just stared up in awe, on how The Cribs had come so far, so strongly, and making us love every moment of being in that tightly packed venue that is the wonderful Rescue Rooms. You’ve done us proud boys.

By Gabriella Ahmed



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