The Coral Preview

The Coral are back, and they’re better than ever. After a four year hiatus during which lead singer James Skelly fronted his own band of ‘The Intenders’ and even served as a producer for emerging Stockport band ‘Blossoms’, they’ve released a new album and from early listens it seems they are as good as ever.

Particularly famous for ‘Dreaming of You’ and ‘In The Morning’, The Coral are particularly noteworthy for their diverse variety in their music; with eight studio albums released across a 14 year period they must be given recognition for their ability to command critical acclamation and maintain album quality.

Described as a cross between indie rock and psychedelic folk (admittedly a strange cocktail), The Coral’s return has been widely awaited, as proven by the fact the tour is sold out. Those lucky enough to be in attendance at the Rescue Rooms on Tuesday to enjoy the sharp, heavy riffs that the band are recognisable for should, along with the classics, keep a listen out for a song off the new record called ‘Connector’. At first listen to the new album, together with singles ‘Chasing the Tail of a Dream’ and ‘Miss Fortune’, The Coral may well have a few more that will be seen as classics in the years ahead.

What is in no doubt is that Tuesday will be a gig that will live long in the memory, and (we hope) serve as confirmation that the scouse five piece are well and truly back.



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