The Calls release video for ‘The Waterfront’

The Calls have recently released a new video of their song ‘The Waterfront.’

The Calls are young and come from Leeds. They’re proud to come from Leeds and they write about cities such as Leeds. They’re full of lust and vigour and have songs that teeter upon the abyss between exhilaration and catastrophe but that’s the attraction. These songs are clever; they have intricate structures and lyrics that speak articulately of young people growing up as the internet-driven, recession-ridden, jobless generation; observing the drama and the comedy of city streets and their surrounding suburban frustrations with a witty sincerity. These songs exude an air of danger, of being on the verge of collapse at any moment so that, when they don’t, it’s a shock and a surprise and you feel relieved and vindicated for the four grinning souls standing on the stage.

We love it… what do you think?



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