Album Review: The Amazons - 'Future Dust'

The Amazons’ latest album Future Dust makes obvious the importance of their two years off. Although their debut provided indie rock classics such as ‘Black Magic’ and ‘In my Mind’, it is clear that The Amazons have stepped their game up; their newest album is holistically sexy, gritty and raw – how all indie rock should be.

‘Mother’ is one of the pre-release singles and starts the album in classic Amazons style with a deep bass and guitar riffs – a classic indie rock song that you simply want to head bang away to. Yet with all its indie glory, it is clear that the Amazons have drawn upon blues influences which have definitely given their sound a lot more depth to it.

‘Fuzzy Tree’ follows and seems like the perfect song to mosh to. It is fast paced, and the vocals are characteristic of The Amazons; raw and gritty, but in the best possible way. ‘25’ is another single released ahead of the album and it is pure rock with punchy guitar riffs and lyrics which make you want to bang your head.

‘The Mire’ almost acts as a palette cleanser in the middle of the album. It consists of an eerie and dark electronic beat lasting for only 33 seconds, which fittingly welcomes the following songs. ‘Doubt It’ is a brilliantly written and composed song with a focus on the human ability to succumb to lust and temptation, its rawness highlighted by both gritty and smooth vocals.

‘All Over Town’ slows the album’s pace right down yet still maintains the gritty and bluesy feel it gives off. It is reminiscent of the chilled out indie vibe they were going for in their first album ‘The Amazons’. ‘End of Wonder’ is again another head banger tune in which a solid, strong drum beat which follows throughout the song is paired with the raw, sexy vocals of Matthew Thomson and lots of deep guitar riffs.

‘Dark Visions’ brings the pace back up again with an indie-rock-pop beat juxtaposed against dark lyrics. It makes a quick change from the gritty, sexy sound heard in the album up until now. ‘25(Reprise)’ follows on from 25 with an acoustic reprise; filled with guitar and dark, raw and bluesy vocals from Thomson, it adds that extra something to the album.

‘Warning Signs’ follows on nicely from the Reprise with roaring vocals and guitar riffs. Although it starts off slow, it soon speeds up in typical Amazons style with a deep, indie-rock beat. ‘Georgia’ is the last song on the album and is a groove-laden song, showcasing the head banging vocals, melodies and guitar riffs that have been very present in The Amazons’ newest piece of work.

All in all, their latest efforts with this album have really shown that The Amazons are not here to play; they are here to stay and spread their indie-rock gospel.

Future Dust is out 24th May and will be available to stream here.

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