The Amazons @ Rescue Rooms

Ending a crazy week that started with The Amazons first ever live lounge appearance on BBC 1 on Monday, stopping off at the Bodega for a DJ set Thursday, finally it was time for their long awaited, sold out show at Rescue Rooms on Friday 6th October. When tickets went on sale back in April they sold out in a matter of days, and the band had suggested moving to Rock City or even doing two dates at Rescue Rooms but said they had no way to fit it into their busy schedule.

Supporting The Amazons on their UK tour are a The Pale White, a three piece rock band from Newcastle who played BBC music introducing stage at Glastonbury this year. The crowd seemed almost surprised by their sound and even members from The Amazons snuck onto the balcony to watch. New song “Downer” was a big hit with the crowd dancing and singing along. Drummer Jack Hope also attracted a lot of attention with his energy on the drums causing several bits to almost fall over at points during the performance.

Then after a short break, the lights dimmed and out walked The Amazons, with a back drop of the most impressive lighting rigs I have seen since going to gigs in Rescue Rooms, they really went to town. Suddenly there is a giant push for everybody in the audience to get to the front and as the music starts, so does the jumping, the singing, the screaming and the moshing. The excitement from the crowd was electric.

The set consisted of songs from their self-titled debut album, which was realised in May this year and charted at number 8, including an acoustic version of Holy Roller and a remix of In My Mind. Frontman Matt also stopped between songs to plug the Bodega as where everybody should make their way too afterwards “I’m a rep by the way” he joked.  Then finally after an hour of pure energy, they brought the set to a close and left the stage in darkness.

This wasn’t good enough for the crowd though, they wanted more, and it looked like we were going to get it when a keyboard was dragged out from the back of the stage, and sure enough, the band returned with Matt taking his place at the keyboard. The band performed a beautiful rendition of Palace which sent the whole venue into silence to appreciate the unexpected change of pace. As soon as the song ended though, it was time to finish with Junk Food Forever which brought back the chaotic atmosphere maintained throughout the rest of the show before finally leaving the stage for good.

The Amazons have lots planned for their up and coming gigs, playing in venues such as Engine Rooms in Southampton (which they’ve sold out), Limelight 2 in Belfast and even travelling to mainland Europe for some dates in Germany, Switzerland and France amongst other countries. The future looks very exciting for The Amazons, and with their successful debut album, it is only a matter of time before they start releasing new material of equal success. Definitely a band to keep an eye on!

Photo courtesy of Chuff Media

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