Album Review - Superorganism - ‘Superorganism’

Superorganism’s self-titled album is a smorgasbord of quirky pop melodies, adorned with a multitude of bells and whistles.

The multinational eight-piece met via music forums in 2016, and in January 2017 they dropped their debut single, ‘Something For Your M.I.N.D.’ The song had immediate success, going viral and was speculated for being a new project from either Mark Ronson or Damon Albarn. Their dizzying rise has resulted in a signing with cult label Domino Records and a tour of both the UK/ Europe and USA/Canada.

The album was recorded in the house 7 out of 8 members share in London, with songs passed from room to room between members via email, with each then adding their bit on the production line. As a result, there are knowing nods to elements on earlier tracks: the dreamy guitar twang first heard on ‘Nobody Cares’, for instance, pops up later on ‘Reflections On The Screen’ – and the same video game bleeps are peppered throughout the album’s 35-minutes.

Lyrically there’s little to grasp on to with tracks like ‘The Prawn Song’ demonstrating the care-free attitude and approach they have with lines such as ‘Have you ever kissed a prawn and got a cold sore?’ ringing through.

The album is full of colour and character with each song playing its part in this ambitious and vibrant debut. It is certainly the shake-up that pop music needs and succeeds the likes of MGMT and Animal Collective.