Festival Review: Sunday at Jimmy’s Farm Festival

Having never been to Jimmy’s farm before, I didn’t know what to expect from Jimmy’s festival. With the line up including the likes of Dick and Dom, Marsicans and the Happy Mondays headlining and many other activities going on such as sausage eating competitions and an animal petting area, you could tell that it wasn’t quite the usual music festival.

On arrival I adventured around Jimmy’s farm, located in Ipswich, to get a feel for what the festival had to offer. The first area I explored was the petting zoo which housed three donkeys, two Shetland ponies, goats, rabbits and even meerkats. It was lovely to meet the animals but in the nearly thirty degrees heat I didn’t spend too long out in the sunshine.

Next was the food area which smelt incredible. Wafts of BBQ pork, spicy chicken, and paella filled the air and left mouths watering around the site. There was also a tent dedicated to cooking shows with guest chefs coming in to demonstrate their cooking. This was the venue of the sausage eating competition where contestants raced to finish a long, 98% pork meat sausage the fastest. Watching an eating competition was definitely a new experience for me but was surprisingly entertaining.

Finally, it was time to go and check out the music on the main stage. Nottingham band ASHFIELDS had some vehicle trouble and so couldn’t make it and instead J.S. and the Lockerbillies took their spot, playing some rockerbilly covers of some classic 60’s songs as well as their own.

Marsicans from Leeds brought a more indie feel to the festival and RATS from Liverpool continued this vibe with a smashing set that got people out of their camping chairs, off their picnic rugs, and to the front of the stage to dance and sing along.

The highlight of the day had to the be the Happy Mondays, who headlined the main stage. As the sun started to fade, the crowd awakened, and you could tell that this is what they had all been waiting for too. The group brought back their alternative rock sound which was the soundtrack to a lot of peoples 80’s years. They played all of the classics and ‘Twenty four hour party people’ saw everybody singing along.

Overall, Jimmy’s festival was an amazing family friendly festival with not only good music but lots of other bits and pieces to keep both adults and children entertained. If families are looking for a day out then I would definitely recommend checking out Jimmy’s for next year.