Sundara Karma performed live in Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms

Before Sundara Karma took to the stage, support act Pale Waves, describing themselves as ‘90’s inspired indie pop feels, drenched in reverb n glitter’ kicked the show off, followed by Beach Baby.

Four piece 60s pop, grunge, post-punk indie band, Beach Baby’s set was a great mix of feel good tunes and sounded like a soundtrack to a summer road trip. I especially enjoyed the band’s bassist Iraklis’s enthusiasm and head wiggling. They do not take themselves too seriously, even offering to shout out peoples love interests during their shows. They will be back in Nottingham headlining Bodega on the 1st of May so be sure to check them out.

Then came Sundara Karma. They walked on and the crowd stayed relatively calm. As soon as they hit their first note, the crowd went wild and went straight into a mosh pit to their first track ‘Young Understanding’.

‘Flame’ was one of the highlights with great guitar solos and drum rolls and had the crowd singing along to every word. Their track ‘Run Away’ along with their distinctive luscious locks made the crowd go wilder. Next hey played their new track ‘She Said’ which provided a promising glimpse into their upcoming album.

They then walked off stage and the crowd were chanting ‘we want more’. I feel like the encore was unneeded. They only played for 45 minutes and were due to play for an hour. They could have easily squeezed in a few more tracks or covers or spoke a bit more between tracks.

The energy in the room did not fade. They returned to perform ‘The Night’ and went into their last track ‘Loveblood’, which had people crowdsurfing and on shoulders. Unexpectedly, three girls somehow managed to jump on stage but were quickly taken off by security, but not before having a quick dance and run across the stage.

Sundara Karma seem to be an alternative teen sensation with a predominantly young following and are set to grow rapidly. I just hope they do not blow up too quickly and stay true to themselves.

They are already returning to Rescue Rooms on the 5th of April.