Sundara Karma Live Review

Rescue Rooms was set into frenzy the moment that upcoming indie band Sundara Karma came on stage. With a surprisingly mixed crowd, there were people of all ages attending; Sundara Karma can reach out beyond the stereotypical target audiences. With glitter galore and beers at the ready, there was an excited atmosphere throughout the night fueled by support acts Joy Room and Freak.

Opener Indigo Puff was met was immediate screams of recognition and the crowd began to dance and sing the lyrics back at the band.  With floral open shirts and neck ties ready the band made sure their image and presence were on full show. They also played songs from their new album which were met with a popular response. Fans knew the words from unreleased tunes perhaps hinting at a hugely successful album. A highlight of the set was the band’s cover of Luther Vandross’s Never Too Much, proving that they don’t take themselves too seriously. They dedicated the song to the support bands as lead singer Oscar prowled around the stage with a confident swagger. Everyone was grooving under the charm and fun of Sundara Karma. Then came the feel-good hit She Said, which instantly set the crowd into motion with its sunny guitars. This single propelled the band into the limelight and lived up to all expectations. The band returned onstage for the encore with The Night, an equally heartfelt and euphoric moment as the band indulged in the slower song. Final song, Loveblood, gave the crowd an energetic rush as they surged forward to get closer to the band.

Although their set wasn’t the longest their stellar performance was enough to be left feeling satisfied. Sundara Karma stand apart from the generic indie as they add a special magic and instantaneous energy to their songs, people can’t help but to dance under the power of the band. People left loaded with free badges and temporary tattoos, ensuring the Sundara Karma sunshine will not be forgotten quickly.



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