Sun Rai – Pocket Music

Sun Rai (aka Rai Thistlethwayte), lead singer of Australian band Thirsty Merc,  delivers his debut solo EP Pocket Music, full of summertime mellowness and funk, perfect for those, like me, who want the summer sunshine to last just that little longer.

Each of the four songs on this EP has a unique but equally groovy drum beat which you can’t help but tap your foot to, even during the sweet heartfelt ballad Rose. The jazz like track Chase the Clouds covers the well-worn topic of a relationship reaching its end but the beat just makes you want to grab a partner and dance along once the first chorus kicks in. The one problem with the song is Rai’s high note at the closing of the chorus which feels like marmite; you either like it or hate it. I personally feel that its slightly misplaced.

The mellow opener San Francisco Street is simply excellent with its smooth delivery. Til the Lights Come On is a great closing track, a much more upbeat song in terms of subject matter but no less groovy, a definite dance floor filler which wouldn’t feel out of place on a student night soundtrack.

Unlike some band front men who pursue a solo career, where their music it sounds almost identical to their bands (I’m looking at you Brandon Flowers and Jon Fratelli), Sun Rai has produced something quite different to his band’s previous material, but quite Maroon 5-like.

Whilst listening to this EP I couldn’t help but feel that the tracks could easily fit into Maroon 5’s first two albums. But as Maroon 5 have moved  into a slightly different direction over the past couple of years it has left a gap in the pop-funk department which Sun Rai has filled in perfectly.

Pocket Music is available on iTunes.

By Jack Greenard