Submotion Orchestra at Rescue Rooms on 30th April 2016 – Preview

Submotion Orchestra’s moody, bass-driven music defies genre – a mixture of avant-garde jazz, house, dubstep and trip hop, the band can in one breath sound like Massive Attack and in the next more like Enya. Over their four albums, the band has continued to increase in popularity due to their consistent musical brilliance and famously good live shows, which is why, when they play the Rescue Rooms this Saturday, it is set to be a spectacular show.

Their latest album, ‘Colour Theory’, released in February this year, saw the band’s sound grow, moving into new, more dance-oriented territories. Mellow, uplifting and interesting, the sound of the album is perhaps best represented by its cover: a bright, cubic, colour spectrum from blue to red. This image is an apt visual description of the music it fronts – bright, varied songs that seamlessly merge into one another, shifting and changing. To see this album live will be a sonic delight.

Their gig in Nottingham on the 30th April will mark the end of their UK tour before they hit the festival circuit this summer, so will no doubt be a special show for both the band and the audience. Get a ticket while you can – this is gonna be good.



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