Preview: Spector @ The Bodega

London five-piece Spector are set to descend on The Bodega later this year as the lads emerge from the wilderness with new music and a new tour, but the same brilliance which has brought them success up to now.

Last seen for any prolonged length of time for the ‘Tenner’ tour and stand-alone album shows at Manchester’s Deaf Institute and London’s Moth Club in 2016, the lads returned with the release of ‘Untitled in D’ earlier this year, with the promise of an EP and tour to follow. Having reached number 12 in charts with acclaimed debut record ‘Enjoy It While It Lasts’ and number 27 with 2015 follow-up ‘Moth Boys’, they are far from unknowns on the indie-rock circuit.

Classics such as ‘Chevy Thunder’ and ‘Celestine’ have been known to frequent indie nights across the country, while ‘Moth Boys’, despite receiving less public acclamation, was in its own way a work of genius, with Macpherson’s unique voice and poetic lyrics a true success.

New EP ‘Ex-Directory’ is out this coming Friday, and appears to be a continuation of their previous success. Evolution from record to record is clearly audible on first listen, and early comparisons with The Killers seem perhaps a little further away these days, but their music is well worth a listen in its own right; personal, at times emotional and, you know what, good fun, and brutally honest in their lyrics. Let’s face it, what other band would feature a lyric like ‘I know scum who sold their stories, some of your best friends are Tories.’? Or ‘Heard he was your rock, does that make me your hard place?’

Playing at Bodega will undeniably bring the best out of Spector – playing at one of the most intimate venues in the country is what the band is all about. Those in attendance can guarantee a fantastic show from one of the most enjoyable live bands to go and see in the country, and will not be disappointed!


Untitled in D:

Fine Not Fine: