Song of the day: ‘Party Changes are Bullshit’- Flume vs. Notorious B.I.G

Any keen followers of YouTube channels like Majestic and/or music blogs will probably have heard some of the Woody X The Notorious B.I.G remixes; if you haven’t, you can download the whole album from the guys at Ear Milk. They featured revised beats, chilled synths and extra vocals that made for an admirable and enjoyable remix album.

But the most recent Biggy tribute comes from the Australian DJs Jaymee Franchina and Jeremy Smith, who’ve  interpolated tracks from their fellow Aussie Flume with samples from the late East Coast legend.

The great news is that there’s a whole album of it, and like Woody’s, it’s free! Get it via Bandcamp. I’ve chosen this example purely for that dutty chillwave drop at 0:20. Indeed the whole album is rife with MPD chop-up samples, claps and sweet bass drops. Enjoy.

By John Bell.



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