Song of the day: ‘Miasma Sky’- Baths.


Anyone familiar with Baths (aka Will Wiesenfeld)’s debut album Cerulean will be aware of the artist’s distinguished dexterity at layering chillwave synths with disjuncted beats and samples of everyday life, be it a pen clicking or a child talking about animals. ‘Miasma Sky’ is the first from Wiesenfeld’s second LP Obsidian and begins with a combination of serene samples of rain and beautiful synths whilst playing delicately with dynamics. However, the track drops into and maintains a sort of minimalist house beat that sets the tone for Wiesenfeld’s refined vocals that have a raw honesty about them. The song is not simple, and I’m glad Baths has maintained his nuanced modulations and key changes, but it is certainly refined; its rhythm guides listeners consistently into what will hopefully be another album of gorgeous sounds to bathe in.

By John Bell.

Obsidian is out on the 28th May via Anticon Records.