Song of the Day: ‘Fester’- Dutch Uncles

‘Fester’- Dutch Uncles

Manchester has got such a thriving psychadelic/electric pop scene, with the likes of Egyptian Hip Hop and Everything Everything gaining particular press at current. Dutch Uncles are no exception and their new song ‘Fester’ has embedded in me an even greater respect for the five-piece.

Duncan Wallis’ vocals are so delicately soft and yet have such a confident kick in the constant off beats and changing rhythms driven by simple dance beats and gentle xylophones.  And yet as appealing that description may sound to math-head fans of Maps & Atlases and Battles, there is such a timeless and accessible overall sound that can only be explained by genius musicianship. My highlight is towards the end when that 80s dance piano kicks in. Oh, and if the song wasn’t good enough for you, check out the seriously impressive video by Isaac Eastgate; over 80 hours of time-lapsing and pretty lights were used to create this masterpiece.

‘Fester’ is OUT NOW and available for free download at Out Of Touch In The Wild is released 14th January 2013 via Memphis Industries 

By John Bell