Skarlett Riot @ Rock City

Skarlett Riot headlined Ike Showcase week with the Nottingham leg of their ‘REGENERATE’ tour, celebrating the release of their 2017 album of the same name. For a rather underground band, there was an impressive audience in attendance, with several sporting the band’s merchandise, demonstrating that while they may not have the biggest fan base, it cannot be denied that they have a dedicated one. These fans sang along with frontwoman Chloe Drinkwater’s every word, and gave the whole set a rapturous reception.

Musically, they were evocative of contemporaries such as Dream State, however for the most part their songs were slightly softer. Nonetheless, it cannot be denied that they absolutely smashed it with the final song of the night, “Warrior”, which hit much harder than everything else on the setlist, and made me wish that more of their songs were of this quality.

Support came from Fahran, who evoked familiarity to Sleeping With Sirens due to the falsetto of the frontman’s voice, but nevertheless they put on a solid show on their own terms, and sounded tight musically, if a bit unoriginal. My first act of the night was Sister Shotgun, who may have been good but were let down by poor sound mixing, which led to their whole set sounding flat and unexciting, however if they were mixed better then I think they could be capable of putting on a good set.

Overall Skarlett Riot are a band with potential, especially with their already established fans, but they just quite aren’t there yet. However if they continue along the vein of “Warrior” then there is a bright future ahead for this young band.

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