Single Review: Honey Gentry – 'Daydream Baby'

Honey Gentry’s storm of ethereal, DIY enchantment provided poetic justice to those desiring artistic integrity when her debut EP Moonlight was released last year. Her passion for life’s non-tangible aspects alongside the adoption of the Honey Gentry alter ego have made the singer-songwriter an enticing prospect in a world dominated by predictable pop music.

Despite a slight six-month gap in releasing music, Gentry’s latest euphoric and soul-stirring single is by far her most complete release to date. The hushed whisper of the track’s introduction conjures a maelstrom of heartache and anguish as the distraught London artist ruminates on a past relationship. As she sits idly contemplating and daydreaming about a past lover, attempting to understand why the relationship ended, the instrumentation of the track is of vital importance. Musically the single glistens with an incandescent heartbeat provided by an old-fashioned electric guitar, an element which has further helped root Gentry’s sound as a 1960s Californian romantic.

From the very first chorus, the likes of Florence Welch, Lana Del Rey and Stevie Nicks influences come to the fore, helping Gentry craft a storm of diaphanous beauty, and with a wry smile the singer-songwriter nudges the track forwards for further embellishment. Daydream Baby develops into a slow-rolling chain of majestic art pop and unravels to become a dark, romanticised letter of longing and mourning, yet vocally Gentry’s playful tone adds another shimmering texture. Like a Siren from Greek mythology, Gentry’s beguiling vocals caress the track with such intelligence as to lure listeners further in to discover an artist brimming with enigmatic intrigue, whilst lyrically the singer-songwriter is as striking as ever, hurling dramatic metaphors evoking destruction and termination between her iconic blend of rose-tinted, lyrical mysticism.

Honey Gentry’s music has always obtained a tantalising sense of purity, yet Daydream Baby sees a smouldering singer toy with her audience, twirling them around her fingers until, with a deft shrug of the shoulders, she drops them and leaves them reeling as the track concludes.

Daydream Baby is a powerful statement from an artist now ready to take both London and the UK’s music scene by storm. Whilst her flowing style hails back to Hollywood’s golden era, Daydream Baby’s production is a glorious affirmation of modernity. A tight-knit, perfectly rounded new single, Honey Gentry’s second EP Dreamlover is shaping up to be an enticing prospect for its July arrival.

Daydream Baby is released on June 14th.

The Dreamlover EP is expected to be released later in July 2019.

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