Shura @ Rescue Rooms, 8/12/15

For the final show of her first full UK tour, Shura stunned the audience of Rescue Rooms with her moody, melodic blend of pop, indie and synths. Lilting whispering vocals were supported by layers of bass, an electric drum kit, muted guitars, and scatters of space age sounds and samples coming from the various keyboards across the stage. The 45 minute set sucked you into a world of brooding melancholy with tales of heartbreak and relationships- which could still make you dance, or at least sway.

Clean Cut Kid provided excellent support, their bouncy cheery guitar pop drawing the crowd closer after just one song. Their excitable enthusiasm and groovy tunes were refreshing, and the band were clearly making the most of the last night of tour by having as much fun as possible. Filled with catchy hooks, animated drum beats and amazing guitar solos, the audience struggled to applaud whilst holding their free Shura vinyl (handed out to the first 90 entrants) so showed their appreciation through a chorus of whoops and cheers. After a conversation about where the best place to eat in Nottingham is (Annie’s Burger Shack was suggested), how Nandos has lost its way, and a dedication to Charles the kitty who recently went to cat heaven, Clean Cut Kid played their most popular and most upbeat single ‘Vitamin C’. It was totally “boss”, as their guitarist would say!

After half an hour of configuring the elaborate stage set-up, with many leads and wires plugged into many keyboards and guitars, the venue was drowned in blue light, to the cheers of the crowd as Shura manned her keyboard centre stage. Opening with new track “Nothing Real”, a deep disco-y number in which you can hear Shu’s inspiration from Madonna and the sounds of the 80’s. “Just Once” followed, the single on the free vinyl that lucky early bird fans clutched throughout the gig. After cheerily introducing herself, Shura played another new track “Kids ‘n’ Stuff” from her upcoming album, giving fans a taste of what’s to come- hopefully sometime next year.

Next the crowd were treated to back-to-back fan favourites, “Indecision” and “2Shy”, which really started the party. Singing from behind a blond mop of messy hair, Shura played guitar, sound machines and synths with passion. Following this was my personal favourite out of the new tracks played on the night- drum led “What Happened”, more upbeat and poppy than other tracks, but still uniquely “Shura”.

Closing with her first single “Touch” and most recent single “White Light”, Shura impressed the crowd with a range of singles and previously unheard new tracks. It was a stellar performance, and I think the whole crowd can’t wait for her to come back to Nottingham- hopefully with an album released and even more new songs to hear!



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