Seafret @ The Bodega

Acoustic duo Seafret made up of singer/guitarist Jack Sedman and guitarist/pianist Harry Draper performed at The Bodega in Nottingham last Monday, and having already seen them live before in 2017, I was eager to see them again.

There was a good atmosphere from the start. With a bar next to the stage, audience members bought their pints and gathered on the floor in anticipation for the support act Rosborough. Hailing from Derry, Northern Ireland, he performed singles released in 2017 and 2018. One song that I have on repeat since seeing Rosborough is “Fall To Earth”. A highly unappreciated song, and a great one to belt out in the car! He also performed a cover of the song “True Love Will Find You In The End” by Daniel Johnston, which appears on his new acoustic EP called ‘The Paper Boats’. I definitely recommend checking this guy out, and I’m looking forward to what else he will bring.

After Rosborough left the stage, more drinks flowed and the buzz grew. Seafret entered and had the crowd singing along straight away with their first two songs on the setlist “Beauty on the Breeze” and their popular single “Atlantis”. With Jack’s smooth and clear vocals paired with Harry’s rich guitar sound, it created a tranquil but also a spirited atmosphere; the crowd appreciated their performance and you could tell some of their songs meant a lot to people, as their lyrics are so personal and melodies are melancholic.

Jack is the main speaker of the duo, he can work a crowd and make them feel at ease; I think he likes talking to the audience! A group of lads in the crowd (who had a few too many) liked to shout a reply now and again, but Jack just found it funny and he knew they were having a good time. Perhaps Seafret are used to the odd drunken audience member? He talked to us about how some of his family were in the audience that night, a story about their tour bus and also joked about Harry’s singing voice. So, if you go and see Seafret and find yourself emotional after a certain song, just know you’ll probably be laughing at something Jack will say after. I think it’s hard for an artist to speak so easily to an audience (and do it well), so for that I give the boys respect!

For their ‘last’ song, Seafret performed their recent single “Loving You” where Harry showed his skills on the piano. It is a beautiful song and I think it sets the bar for a second album I’m hoping they’re going to announce soon! As they left, the chanting for an encore from the audience began. Seafret returned to the stage with smiles on their faces and confessed they like it when the audience chant for an encore as they feel awkward to return and play another if people don’t! To end the show, they played the titular track from their most recent EP ‘Monsters’ and left everyone on a high.

Unfortunately, Seafret finish their tour on March 6th in London, so if you missed your chance to see them, keep an eye out for their next tour as I doubt they’ll be going away any time soon!

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