Sam Smith – Nirvana EP

With a collection of songs that have the musical consistency of a huge mug of hot chocolate, Sam Smith’s Nirvana really is the perfect soundtrack to an evening with a few close friends and a couple of drinks.

You find yourself finding out that you know the words of the songs before you realise what you’re singing. With the combination of Sam Smith’s gloriously soulful voice, and a mix of catchy beats and lyrics, it’s no surprise that these songs won’t get out of my head. Tracks such as Nirvana, demand to be played on repeat and have an incredible quality by which it’s awfully hard to overplay them.

The track “Safe With Me” is probably the most ear catching, with Sam’s soulful, occasionally warped, voice on top on of an incredible beat and an obscenely catchy chorus. However the other tracks all have a beautiful ability to melt the listener into an state of tranquility.

With Sam already being the voice of one of the biggest tracks of the year, “Latch – Disclosure” It’s undeniable that that he’s on his way to something massive, it’s just up to us to wait and see what incredible project he comes out with next. I for one, cannot wait.

By Krish Jeyakumar