Saint Raymond @ ‘Our City’, Rock City, 04/12/15

When Saint Raymond first announced the venues for his tour, everyone asked why he wasn’t playing at Nottingham – but Callum kept quiet until he was announced at Rock City’s celebration of Nottingham talent aka ‘Our City’.  Everyone soon realised that he had kept the best announcement ’til last and tickets started to sell rapidly.  There was already a lot of interest in bands such as D.I.D and Kagoule, so having the likes of Saint Raymond topping off a night of great music for the price of one gig was a bargain.


The room was filled with a young crowd who all went wild when the 20 year old came on, and it seemed like there were more people who knew the lyrics than those that didn’t, so the atmosphere was perfect.  He said several times how nice it was to be home, and it was clear he was really giving it his all for his hometown.  For both people that have been listening to his music for years now and those who have only just heard of him, this performance was one to be enjoyed.  The whole room was full of energy, people dancing and clapping to the music for the whole of every song.  It was clear that Callum enjoyed himself too, and he was obviously very happy to be playing at Rock City again; a room heaving with loyal fans.

With so many consecutive performances that are so impressive from Saint Raymond, it’s inevitable that he will continue to grow even more popular in the future and hopefully release more good music and play at some top venues around the country.

By Pierre Ostercamp



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