Reggae Take Over @ Spanky’s 02/10/15

Nottingham is blessed to have more nights out than even the hardest of partiers could ask for, but even so it is easy to slip into a routine of going to the same types of nights and hearing the same types of music week after week. Hence, it’s so refreshing when something comes along to offer a more unusual Friday night than those offered by the likes of Ocean and Rock City.  

Friday October 2nd saw Spanky van Dyke’s host the Reggae takeover powered by Dub Smugglers, a mash up of reggae, dub and jungle which was a celebration of music, filled almost to capacity by everyone from wavey-garm-wearing, dreadlocked students to sixty-year-old men. Kicking off the night were two DJs from the UoN DJ society who played a phenomenal back-to-back set, coping especially well picking songs from a genre of music that was neither of the boys’ forte. Following them was Bexy. It would be unfair to describe her as a ‘fantastic female DJ’; she was a great DJ in her own right and need not be patronised in the same way some of her peers are as being great considering you know, she’s a girl… It was a shame that the room hadn’t filled up particularly for these earlier two acts as their ages were in no way reflective of their talent and those who were present were loving it.

As the room packed out the mighty Dub Smugglers took to the stage. Initially playing songs that calmed the hype that Bexy had created, it seemed to be an odd way to begin a headline slot but the boys absolutely pulled it out of the bag with the heavy, fast-paced dub that followed, chucking great singalongs in with reggae beats. Everyone in the room could be seen to be lost in the music and their ninety minute set was certainly the highlight of the night if the crowd’s reaction was anything to go by.

Deekline and Jamie Rodigan did a good job of following the Smugglers, Jamie in particular proved that the Rodigan family are a talented bunch, taking after his dad, David, who had played a set at Brickworks the week before. A testament to how good the night was, was going into the girls’ toilets and hearing conversations of how good the DJs were as opposed to the usual toilet-chat that causes the dreaded twenty minute queues.

Overall it really was a brilliant night and also one that could be enjoyed by people who aren’t fans of the usual heavy drum and bass played at other venues. Being a more intimate space, Spanky’s made the night feel more like an electric gig than a club night and as such there was a room full of people all enjoying the music on offer. Their next event is Exodus on November 6th and I implore you to reach out of your comfort zone and try something new as Ocean will be there a week later but nights like these are hard to come by.