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The Mic were lucky enough to sit down with a rising star, Etherwood, to hear about  everything from who inspires him, his writing style and a hobby of his you wouldn’t have guessed! 

You’ve made the move from Lincoln to London, how has it helped you to grow your career? Do you prefer London life? 

I love Lincoln but I needed to be somewhere with more energy. I had a few connections down in London so a move was about the only option for me. At the risk of sounding cliched, it really is full of opportunity and I was lucky to know some guys down here. It’s pretty hectic though. Lincoln is way more relaxed.

How’s the festival circuit been this year? Do you like it any more/less than club settings?

It’s been great. I’ve played some awesome places so far and a few left to come. Club and festival shows differ so much. When you get the right energy at a festival show, not a lot comes close. I think I’l always love club shows a bit more though, just as they’re that little bit more intimate. You feel more connected to the crowd and the venue. You get that feeling everyone is all part of the same aura.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be? 

Right now probably Jon Hopkins. The guy’s insanely good

Have you had any surreal experiences as a DJ or got to play anywhere you’d dreamed of as a child? 

I always dreamt of playing at Glastonbury and I was lucky enough to tick that off the list this year. I played in an old abattoir in Sweden once. I’m a vegetarian so the place haunted me a bit. 

You’ve been hailed as the hot talent of the moment with your ‘chilled’ and quite unique sound – have you felt at all trapped by the sound that made you or are you given free reign to do as you please? 

That’s nice to hear. I don’t let anything get in the way when I’m writing. Everything comes from somewhere pretty deep inside and it’s hard to be affected by any expectations. It’s the only way to write I think. It’s easy to disregard a track if it doesn’t fit the pattern but I try not to think too hard about material aspects.

I’ve had a listen to your album  (which is out now!) and it’s really brilliant – How do you manage to keep that atmospheric live sound in a studio setting?

Thanks. Incense is awesome and I’ll always try and do a bit of meditation to get myself in the ‘zone’. I nearly always write through the night as well. It’s peaceful and most of the world is sleeping. That makes for a great atmosphere to write in and suits my sound I suppose.

Who inspires you? 

People around me, people I love, my friends and family as well as musicians, nature, countries, cultures. Everything. Obviously mood affects the music massively so i find I reflect what’s going on around me. On the flip, if I hear something I like, I’ll try not to let it effect the sound I’m going for. I remember reading that Slipknot listened to nothing but the Eagles whilst writing their third album and it was easily their best.

What’s something about you people would be quite surprised to hear? Eg Any unusual talents or hobbies?

There are probably a few I’d rather not divulge. I’m part of the way through writing a novel actually. A bit like Fear And Loathing meets Alice In Wonderland. I also met the Queen once.

And the question I’m sure everyone in Notts is dying to know the answer to: any plans to play in Nottingham?

I think there might be something coming up before the end of the year but I can’t say for definite. Keep an eye out though 😉