Preview: Peter Hook and the Light @ Rock City

British Rock royalty will be swinging into Nottingham next Thursday as former Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook brings his solo band, Peter Hook & the Light to Rock City. As part of their wider tour, the band will be playing the New Order albums ‘Technique’ and ‘Republic’ in full as well as an opening set of Joy Division classics.

The thought of a set of Joy Division songs, as a warm up, should warm the cockles of any music fan. Indeed, it was as a part of Joy Division that the music scene first heard Peter Hook’s dark and heavy bass lines which accompanied the equally haunting voice of Ian Curtis. Joy Division formed in 1976 and released two albums on the synonymous Factory record label; ‘Unknown Pleasures’ and ‘Closer’ as well as hugely popular singles such as “Transmission” and of course, “Love Will Tear Us Apart”. The opportunity to see these classic songs performed is not one to be missed!

Formed after the tragic demise of Joy Division, New Order incorporated a more electronic sound. ‘Technique’, which is the first album Hook will play in full on the night, was released in 1989 and is a swashbuckling dance classic. Recorded in Ibiza, the album is a notorious classic in the alternative music world with a 5-star rating from Q as well as NME giving the album a 9/10. “Fine Time” and “Vanishing Point” are the songs most widely received on the album, personally hearing the songs “Mr. Disco” and “Dream Attack” is certainly something I am excited for, and I’m sure other fans of New Order/Hook feel the same way too.

‘Republic’, the second album to be performed on the evening is New Order’s sixth album and the follow up to ‘Technique’. Despite having a lot to live up to the album again has received fine praise universally and has stood the test of time, especially so the lead single “Regret” which is still often heard across alternative UK radio stations. While the album is not as dancey as its predecessor, it’s smooth production and mix of melancholy and synth led tunes make it a fantastic listen. This will be a gig not to miss!

You can still get your tickets to see Peter Hook & the Light on Thursday 7th February at Rock City. Tickets cost £25.

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