Preview: Liam Fray Acoustic Tour

Well known as the frontman of Mancunian indie-rock band The Courteeners,  Liam Fray heads out solo this Autumn for an acoustic tour of the UK taking in cities such as Sheffield. Newcastle and, of course and as usual, Manchester.

Having previously completed such tours in 2013 and 2015, Fray is no stranger to such jaunts, and always draws a crowd just as The Courteeners do – in particular in their haven of the North of the UK! However, as opposed to the frantic nature of The Courteeners’ live sets, Fray’s acoustic tours give his fans a chance to see songs live that perhaps do not make the cut live for whatever reason – b-sides, album tracks, even the occasional cover from the late 2000s! With a back-catalogue now five albums deep, it is possible for Fray to approach this tour with a degree of confidence – such is the loyalty of his fanbase, any song from any album, or indeed any single, is likely to provoke a positive reception. Evidence of this can be noted simply in crowd responses to the playing of early b-side ‘Smiths Disco’ at Courteeners’ gigs sporadically over the years, or through the inclusion of another b-side ‘Let Down Your Guard’ on the band’s Winter UK tour of 2015.

Put simply, this tour exists to challenge the notion that The Courteeners, and Fray in particular, are limited to explosive live performances, jangly electric guitar riffs and a general frenetic tempo (which there would be no shame in!). Liam Fray’s solo acoustic performances have a very different feel, and yet will still attract audiences in their numbers.

This is certainly not a gig to be missed – and if you get the opportunity to travel to Sheffield to be a part of it, you will not regret it!

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