Preview: Kelvin Jones at Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham

Against hot competition from those dominating the spotlight, solo artist Kelvin Jones is making a splash in the currently over-crowded pool of singer-songwriters in Britain. This Sunday 13th March, he’ll take his husky voice to Nottingham, the supporting act for the well-established James Morrison at his Royal Concert Hall gig. As a venue with a large capacity that few debuts have the opportunity of playing, Jones couldn’t have a better platform for getting his voice heard. Together, Jones and Morrison represent the past, present and future of the genre, a tour de force worth viewing first-hand.

Armed with an acoustic guitar, a gorgeous husky voice, and the trendiest specs in music, Jones exists musically amongst solo giants like James Bay and Ed Sheeran. His debut album, Stop The Moment, was released last March, with Morrison’s tour the perfect platform to perform and share his new songs. But it’s his single ‘Call You Home’ which has seen the greatest success; 7 million plays on Spotify, a largely popular space-centric video and regular mainstream radio airplay. It’s doubtless that this will be the one the concert-goers will recognize, but hopefully the gig will see a boost in his popularity, with more Spotify and radio plays in the pipeline. Either way, the combination of Kelvin Jones and James Morrison is one not to be missed.



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