Preview: BATON ROUGE @ J.T Soar 30/04/13 (Tonight)

First there was the new Daft Punk track, and then the Phoenix album. Both released within the space of a fortnight, and both exemplifying the French’s talent of making incredible pop songs. However, albeit perhaps to their credit, I admit that I have overplayed them both within far too short a time, and I guess you might say I’m fiending for some more French talent to get me through that famous fatigue of final term. I think BATON ROUGE may be that fix.

Now, with ex-members of the late screamo band Daitro involved, perhaps it is a little inaccurate to consider the band amongst the aforementioned  helmeted boys and synth gods famous for their smooth melodies. But with a sound reminiscent of the early Strokes albums injected with the dark side of post-hardcore, Baton Rouge most definitely fill a different but much welcomed gap.

The show is at J.T Soarwhere we put on Papayer and Cheap Jazz last year, and if you haven’t been already, go! It’s bring your own booze, is an old fruit warehouse, and you’re 95% likely to make friends there. Très bon, non?

Baton Rouge headline J.T Soar tonight (30/04/13), doors 8pm, £5.  Facebook

By John Bell.



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