Prepare to get yourself in on the secret of Rolo Tomassi

Sheffield band, Rolo Tomassi have been quietly building themselves up over the last ten years. Relentlessly refusing to align themselves with any one style, they are a band that are difficult to pigeonhole. “Audacious,” “bold” and “fearless” are all been terms that have been associated with the band, in an effort to define them, yet all they want to do is have fun.

Earlier this year, they kicked right back onto the scene with their latest release ‘Grievances’, a searing, feverish chapter, complete with raw vocals. It is this album that they are supporting when they play the Bodega as part of their UK tour and it will be interesting to see whether this show delivers on their earlier promise. Support comes from John Coffey and Employed To Serve.

They have been termed the “North’s best kept secret.” Don’t you think it is time to get in on that secret?

Rolo Tomassi at The Bodega, 11th November 2015. Doors open at 7pm.

By Claire Chambers



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