Paramore @ LG Arena, Birmingham 23/09/13

For any pop-rock lovers, Paramore have kicked off their UK tour with a bang. Coming to the UK for gigs like Reading & Leeds last year, they last performed at the LG Arena in 2010 and now have come back stronger than ever before with the new release of their self-titled album. Their sold-out arena tour has brought back beautiful memories along with musical excellence.

The energetic sets of the almighty Eliza and the Bear and Charli XCX set the stage and the atmosphere perfectly for the black curtain to drop. The trio entered left has and began what I can easily say  was one of the best performances I’ve seen live to this day.

“We are Para-more!” yelled front woman Hayley Williams as she jumped across the stage, full of energy. The set list  for the night was sublime, starting with new songs from their album such as Grow Up and Fast In My Car, then bringing back old classics as the crowd sings in unison to That’s What You Get and the beauty of Pressure.


The fans felt connected to the band as the pink and turquoise flashing lights streamed over the them – they all raised their hands to move with the music and belted out every lyric. “I want to see everyone dancing!” Hayley shouted to the sold-out venue as the music of Crushcrushcrush started getting louder and louder.

Despite most of the set being loud and powerful, a spotlight focuses on both guitarist Taylor York and Hayley as he picked up an acoustic guitar and she sang The Only Exception as the crowd gently swayed to the beautiful sound of the sweet acoustics.

Towards the end of the night, Paramore banged out Misery Business in which a lucky member of the audience got pulled on stage to dance with Hayley.

They finished with the crowd bopping Still Into You and the band came to the front and with a bow confetti poured  all over the crowd. The buzz of being in the audience to such a fantastic spectacle was truly a life changing moment, and one which I hope to be seeing again soon.

By Gabriella Ahmed