Palace @ The Bodega

On Tuesday Palace returned to Nottingham for a sold out show at the Bodega.

After releasing their debut EP Lost in the Night in 2014 their popularity has grown immensely as they become a staple act on the Indie scene. The laid back, relaxing sound of the London based four-piece continues to surprise it’s listener with bluesy undertones and hypnotic guitar riffs. Their clear chemistry when performing engages the audience, allowing them to be captivated by frontman Leo Wyndham’s endearing drooly vocals.

They fed off the enthusiastic crowd throughout the set, dedicating a number to all the mums in the room after someone confidently shouted ‘I’m here with my mum’. The crowd continuously asked for more as they attempted to get closer in the hopes of catching a glimpse of Leo’s blue eyes and subtle smiles. This enthusiasm peaked when bizarrely – to the band’s disbelief – a 4-man mosh pit broke out ending the set on a high.

Their debut album So Long Forever was released back in November. Dealing with break ups, bereavements and vulnerabilities. Documenting the transition from uncomfortable readjustments to acceptance and positivity it captivates its listener, evoking a variety of emotions. The luscious guitars and sonic layers assist in the general atmospheric tone their sound produces. When played live the songs resonate with listener similar to that of Jeff Buckley and early Fleet Foxes.

Palace are certainly a band to keep an eye on continuously providing beautiful shows and remaining humble, choosing to stick around and sell merch at the end of the show before packing up and having some drinks in the bar downstairs. I was a big fan before seeing them live and they certainly did not disappoint.

So Long Forever is available to buy and stream now.

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