News – Little Comets’ 3rd Album released 16/02/15, and UK tour Feb/March

After two years of keeping us on edge, Little Comets have finally got round to release what we’ve all been waiting for: their third studio album, ‘Hope Is A State of Mind’, on the 16th February 2015. 

After panning across 2014 with three EPs, their new collection of a dozen tracks , is just the thing to crack into the new year in terms of indie rock.

The lyrically genius album covers the breadth of head boppingly good music: from B&B with a sweet, innocent twinge, to Little Italy with the anticipated rock n’ roll feel which we have all missed. What is the best trait of this band is how unique their sound is compared to the come and go indie bands we see swarming our streets – something which they embrace with full gusto. ‘Hope Is Just A State Of Mind’ really has had a lot of work put into it, and their tour of the UK soon enough shall showcase why we enjoy live music so much. 

The full track listing is: 1. My Boy William 2. B & B 3. The Gift of Sound 4. Formula 5. Little Italy 6. The Daily Grind 7. Salt 8. Effetism 9. Wherewithal 10. Fundamental Little Things 11. Don’t Fool Yourself 12. The Blur, the Line & the Thickest of Onions

Little Comets come to Nottingham’s Rescue Rooms on Monday 23rd February.

Tickets on sale from:

Pre-order ‘Hope Is Just A State Of Mind’ here: (Physical CD/Vinyl) (Digital)

By Gabriella Ahmed



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