Interview: Neck Deep @ Rock City

After a disastrous attempt at a first show, Neck Deep are coming back to Rock City. The tension in the room will be high between the security team, the band and the fans after the events of last time but this had the potential to be a great show last time and that hasn’t changed. So, with two different support acts Blood Youth and WSTR on the last date of the UK leg before the band set their sights on the European leg of the tour, here we go again.

Blood Youth will open and be something more hardcore than the other acts but no less talented. The hardcore, pop-punk outfit feature heavy screaming in their vocals thanks to the talent of frontman Kaya Tarsus. With guitarist Chris Pritchard and drummer Sam Hallet, the three-piece band from Yorkshire are making an impact in the hardcore genre with their early releases receiving critical praise and their debut album being received well, expanding their fan base and setting the band up with good material for live shows and more success down the road.

You could search for a thousand bands and you couldn’t come up with a better one for a support act than WSTR. The pop-punk band are the perfect match for a support act for Neck Deep and after opening for them before, it’s no surprise they’re back. They’re likely to be the best opening act ever if you’ve never heard of them before because Neck Deep fans will almost certainly like WSTR. Like Blood Youth, the Liverpool band released their debut album to great success and should be great to watch.

And then there’s the headliners Neck Deep. The Wrexham band are only getting better with The Peace and the Panic being their most successful album to date and it’s not hard to see why: the album from top to bottom is a great example of modern pop-punk and why the U.K has the strongest pop-punk scene anywhere in the world. It’s a difficult one to do but if you get a chance, get yourself to this show. It’ll be the most interesting show you’ll see in a while due to the circumstances and the great music on offer.

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