Mungo’s Hi-Fi to perform at Spanky Van Dyke’s

Beginning as a duo in 2000, the self-proclaimed ‘brainchild’ of two Glaswegian dance DJs has evolved to a five-person unit producing some of the most original, energetic reggae-dub hits this side of the millennium.

Since building their original sound system from speakers found in a skip, this dancehall phenomenon has achieved massive expansion in terms of reputation and now boasts huge collaborations to its name, having worked with an expanse of artists ranging from Prince Fatty and Soom T, to its newest partnership with YT on latest release ‘No Wata Down Ting’. Renowned for their almost impossibly-vibrant sound thanks to the custom-built system they are so highly accredited for, experiencing a live performance from Mungo’s Hi-Fi is simply something that no reggae, dub, or dancehall fan can afford to miss out on; it is safe to say that this artist will not disappoint!

Expect to hear classics spanning their whole musical career so far such as ‘Did you really know?’, ‘Herbalist’, ‘Jump up quickly’ and ‘Serious Time’, no doubt complimented by many remixes and never-before heard tracks from their newest collaborative production sessions.



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