Mungo’s Hi Fi at Spanky Van Dyke’s Review

From the opening second of the set, Mungo’s sound system caused vibrations to rattle around the room as this talented artist showcased some of the most energetic and vibrant dancehall tracks that the crowd had ever witnessed. Immediately, the filled-to-capacity venue was moving with the lively melodies which so aptly characterise Mungo’s positive attitude and passion for great music.

On entering the venue, the sight of the huge eight-speaker customised sound system catches the attention of the audience and it definitely does not disappoint; the quality of the reggae-dub hits spilling from the speakers is astounding and impresses the whole room. Mungo’s enthusiasm for their music is overwhelming as they embrace their close relationship with the crowd speaking directly to everyone in the room as part of their track remixes. The two-hour set included a huge expanse of all of their material, ranging from hits such as ‘herbalist’ which was met with delight from the audience, to collaborations with talented artists like Gentleman’s Dub Club as they displayed their popular remix of huge track ‘High Grade’.  The complexity of each song was both astonishing and mesmerising as the complicated rhythms so precisely fit together to make up this unique sound which it is safe to say that every person in the room enjoyed to the full; this was not one to have missed and another great success for the Reggae Takeover crew!



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