Mumford and Sons become responsible for the most amazing night of many lives!

Without a shadow of a doubt, Mumford and Sons absolutely SMASHED it at the Capital FM Arena on Saturday 28th November. Stopping in Nottingham for the first of thirteen UK shows, the incredible set lasting around 2 hours, was genuinely the most entertaining and most memorable night of my life… leaving me with a very broken voice and sore throat for the next few days.

From the beginning of their music career Mumford and Sons have never failed to impress their loyal fans. Back in 2009, the release of their hit album ‘Sigh No More’ sparked a brand new folk rock musical revolution, eventually leaving the banjos behind and evolving into a more straightforwardly rock approach by 2015. With the release of their awaited recent album, ‘Wilder Mind’ they managed to score their second number one album (since ‘Babel’) earlier in May this year. Of course ‘Wilder Mind’ was the initial reason for their 2015 tour, however they reminisced many of their previous fan favourites all throughout the set!

After a prolonged queue outside of the arena, I placed myself perfectly in the centre of the front row, leaving myself with a fantastic view. Centre stage, strung ear to ear was the ‘Winged Gentlemen of the Road’ banners used as a back drop for the opening of both the band and the amazing support act Jack Garratt. The crowd pleasing electronic track ‘Snake Eyes’ kick-started the show, immediately sending the crowd wild. Not only was it clear to see the overjoyed excitement upon the faces of thousands of fans, but noticeably the band were set to have an amazing night themselves. It wasn’t long until these four incredibly talented musicians were reliving one of the many all-time favourites ‘Little Lion Man’, followed by a couple of my personal favourites ‘Awake My Soul’ and ‘The Cave’. Personally, I thought the most amazing track performed from their recent album ‘Wilder Mind’ had to be ‘Believe’- while the centre stage lights dimmed, leaving Marcus in soul spotlight, the crowds iPhone torches and lighters lit up the entire arena. It was a sight never to be forgotten, which swiftly moved into the performance of a close second favourite ‘Tompkins Square Park’. Towards the resented end of the show, and after a crazy cry for an encore, the band took to a secret stage within the crowd in order to perform the quiet and beloved songs ‘Timshell’ and ‘Cold Arms’ which eventually led them to perform their final song ‘The Wolf’ which went off in a complete and utter blast.

Overall, the show was beyond a success from the beginning to the end. It’s not to be overlooked the astounding personalities which shone from the band and radiated throughout the arena. I say this in special relation to Marcus Mumford who held conversations with individuals from within the crowd, even giving one of the extremely lucky men one of his beers and jumping into the right hand side of the swarm of fans. As absolutely gutted as I was to hear neither ‘White Blank Page’ or ‘Hopeless Wonderer’, I understand that there are only so many tracks you can select and perform from the three incredible albums within the sadly given short space of time which seemed to be over all too quickly. The entire night was a breath taking experience full of surprises and entertainment, a night I will truly never ever forget.



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