Milburn ready for Rock City

Back in 2005, the Arctic Monkeys exploded onto the music scene and paved the way for Sheffield indie rock. One of the bands who fitted a similar mould to the Monkeys at the time were Milburn. Like the Monkeys, they embraced their Sheffield personality, unashamedly singing in thick accents about tales of love from their city.

Although they didn’t emulate the immense success of the Arctic Monkeys as the years went on, their debut album ‘Well Well Well’ (released in 2006) remains a marker of the band’s exciting potential. The first single from the album, ‘Send in the Boys’, is the height of the band’s mainstream success, hitting #22 on the UK charts, having been promoted on Soccer AM.

Just a year later, the band released their second album ‘These Are the Facts’. Although it featured the fan-favourite single ‘What Will You Do (When the Money Goes)?’, the second album failed to advance the band artistically or commercially. Unfortunately, seven months after their second release, Milburn decided not to continue and disbanded.

But just as the hype surrounding Milburn was prevalent back in 2006, the hype has started to build again after the band recently announced their reformation and a new single, ‘Midnight Control’.

They decided to release new music after their two ‘comeback’ shows in Sheffield sold out in minutes, illustrating the cult impact the band established in their short-lived run. The lead singer Joe Carnall promises that the new music will have a more modern influence, saying he admires The Coral, Tame Impala and Father John Misty.

The modern sound mixed with the fan-pleasing rock anthems from the initial albums makes seeing Milburn at Rock City on Thursday 29th September a thrilling prospect.

‘The boys are coming for you!’



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