Live and in Interview: Middle Kids @ The Bodega

Australian indie trio Middle Kids are currently touring their debut album ‘Lost Friends’, bringing them to The Bodega. Beginning their set with “Bought It” it was instantly clear their set would be just like the album, a performance packed full of beauty, emotion, and energy, and the crowd duly responded, immersing themselves in the performance. With lead singer Hannah Joy and bassist Tim Fitz married, it seems obvious that the band has incredible chemistry, but this can’t be understated as their performance is one of a band who have played together through many albums, not one touring their debut. The highlight of the night came during “Edge of Town”, their most well-known song, with the crowd bursting into dance. Middle Kids delivered a set full of variety, yet one which flowed well through a very enjoyable evening. It’s clear to see why their first album has generated so much hype, and there’s no doubt there’s a lot more to come from this trio in the future, so keep an eye out.

Coming from Australia, what have you made of Nottingham so far?

Hannah: We’ve just come in this morning, so we’ve spent most of the day wandering around the Christmas markets, as Australians our Christmas is mid-summer, so getting to see all the lights is really exciting for us

Tim: I got a haircut from Sharpcuts for £7 which is ridiculously cheap, they did a good job too!

With your EP received successfully, did that put more pressure on your debut album?

Hannah: To get such warm reception to our EP when we were just a fresh band gave us such a great energy, it filled us with excitement to produce the album. Everything was flowing creatively, so it was a smooth and chill transition from EP to album.

There’s a consistent feel throughout the album, could you describe what it’s about to you?

Tim: It’s a story of relationships, friendships and the struggles within them, and the beauty of those struggles, also a lot of the struggles that you face as a young person as you’re growing up.

With the songwriter being your wife, how does it feel performing songs that are written about you Tim?

Tim: A lot of the time I don’t even realise they’re about me! A friend was listening once and he went “Woah man, that song’s about you!” and I had never even thought of it as being about me. It’s cool that she writes songs about me, it’s not awkward at all, either way as an artist you have a blank cheque to write about the things going on in your life.

Hannah: He’ll allow it!

What music influenced you growing up and when starting to make your own music?

Hannah: we’re all from different backgrounds. In my teen years I listened to a lot of indie and alternative rock, my favourite bands were bands like Radiohead and The National, Sufjan Stevens too, definitely a lot of British bands too.

Tim: For me it’s a lot DIY and punk rock, I had been recording with some bands like that before Middle Kids, but really, I love rock of all decades.

Harry: British music in particular, but also a lot of improvised music and jazz, especially back when I would be learning an instrument.

You’ve just won Triple J’s Australian Album of the Year; how does that feel?

Hannah: We got nominated about 6 weeks ago as part of 10 nominees, we were just stoked to be nominated for it, it was such an honour, we didn’t expect to win at all. Then a couple of days ago we got a call to say that we had won, since we’re touring, we couldn’t be there to accept. It’s taken a couple days to sink in, it’s just amazing to have gotten a lot of support from the Australian musical community.

What means more, the award or having Elton John as a fan?

Harry: Elton’s probably my biggest influence so that’s a tough one for me to answer

Hannah: We had put a lot of work into the album, so the award means more as an affirmation of all that work that we put into making it.

No matter what Harry says?

Harry: It doesn’t matter what I’ll say either way as you’ll learn.

Hannah: Nooooo!

What song do you wish you could have written?

Hannah: Ooh that’s a big question, I’d probably say ‘Landslide’ by Fleetwood Mac, it’s beautiful but simple, the lyrics and melody are so powerful.

Tim: I’d have to say ‘Good Times Bad Times’ by Led Zeppelin.

Harry: Definitely ‘American Pie’.

Hannah: That’s so true, such a big hit.

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