Marmozets @ Rescue Rooms, 21/02/2015

The Marmozets are one of the best bands that I’ve ever seen live at a standing venue. They bring a huge amount of energy, fast-paced set list and electrifying performance. What makes gigs like their set at the rescue rooms so great is the reaction they bring out from the crowd. It’s impossible to not get swept in to the pace and extremely hard to remain motionless- you want to join in!


As an audience you feel just as pumped up, just as energetic as Becca, their lead singer is on the stage. Becca’s powerful vocals fill the room and you can’t take your eyes off her. That’s what the Marmozets bring- when they take to the stage the atmosphere in the room changes, every band member puts their all into each gig. They are extremely humble about their fans ongoing support. You leave the venue heart-pumping, head pounding, sweat-dripping and you thoroughly enjoy every minute of it.

Rescue rooms is the perfect venue for the Marmozets, as they belong in a crowd-hugging, small-format venue. You feel like you’re experiencing something special, something intimate and unique. I predict huge things from the Marmozets. Each gig they do is getting better and bigger. There’s something captivating about them. There is a reason that this was a sold out gig- I’d keep an eye on the Marmozets if I were you.

By Mary Strickson



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