Preview: Mac Demarco @ Rock City

Following the successful release of his third studio album ‘This Old Dog’, Canadian singer songwriter Mac Demarco is set to stop off in Nottingham as part of his biggest UK headline tour to date in November of this year, and it certainly shapes up to be a gig not to be missed!

Taking on a more mature tone in comparison to his previous works, ‘This Old Dog’ sees Mac grow from his carefree goofball reputation into a thoughtful songwriter, addressing close to the bone themes with straight to the point lyrics. His self proclaimed ‘jizz-jazz’ guitar sounds heard on debut album “2” and second album ‘Salad Days’ have been largely traded in for a stricter approach, with delicate synth melodies and dreamy acoustic chord progressions featuring heavily.

The album definitely serves as evidence that old dogs can learn new tricks. Despite Demarco’s musical maturity, he is currently performing with as much energy and excitement as ever and surely must be noted as one of Rock City’s most anticipated bookings of 2017.

By Alex Lowe-Lauri

Mac Demarco will be playing Rock City on 20th November