Interview with Sundara Karma

After the successful release of their debut album “Youth is Only Ever Fun in Retrospect” at the start of the year (that reached the top 25 in the UK album charts) and a great festival season behind them, Sundara Karma are on the road again for a tour taking them across the UK and Europe. As the band set off for another tour following the release of their full debut album, their travels bring them to the always eventful venue Rock City right in the heart of Nottingham.

The four-man band didn’t disappoint, in fact, they went beyond expectations. After having seen them play several times before across different festivals and their own shows it’s clear to see the band are going from strength to strength, getting better with each passing show. They’re starting to really create their own unique atmosphere as well, with their live shows and especially in their lighting and production which goes on in the background. The latter gets better and adds something extra that wasn’t present in their earlier performances, particularly at festivals, helping to create a more unique atmosphere.

It’s also apparent that the band are building a strong and growing fanbase that’s been enthralled by their debut album. The fan reaction to each song is always a great measure of an album’s quality after it’s been released and tonight showed that their hard work is paying off and the whole album has been well received. The crowd were ecstatic with every song from the opener “Another Word for Beautiful” to the last one “Explore”. These days even some of the biggest artists are drawing criticism for producing subpar albums with filler songs that are distinctly lower in quality than their singles. However, Sundara Karma aren’t part of this trend: the album is a well-rounded one that’s thoroughly enjoyable and allows them to lift their signature sound from the album directly onto that live stage. Considering Sundara Karma are yet to build an extensive back catalogue, any filler in their album is far more damaging when trying to show they’re a band worth seeing.

I believe this is only the beginning for Sundara Karma as well, if they continue to bring their unique sound to their music then it’s likely these guys will go far because they offer something fresh and different to what modern bands are releasing now. They have time on their side, and on their debut they’ve brought out something that’s been appreciated by those lucky enough to hear it. Expect that number to increase with each release – they’re definitely one to watch.

Photo courtesy of Carry On Press

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