Loxy’s Alternative Xmas Playlist

It’s that time of year again where the same songs by the same people, wouldn’t it be nice to have an alternative? It’s very easy to get sick of the same old faces singing the same old songs. Here’s a collection of covers and original Christmas songs to make the festive season tolerable and stick it to the commercialistic man.

Julian Casablancas – I Wish it was Christmas Today

Julian Casablancas of The Strokes’ has a hidden gem in the festive department; it’s a brilliant sing-along anthem of anticipation. A fun and hectic explosion of guitars and Crimbo, it’s a perfect build up to the big day.

Peace – All I want for Christmas/Creep cover

Indie band Peace offer another live lounge mash of Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas with Radiohead’s Creep. It seems an unlikely mix but they manage to pull it off, with Radiohead’s riffs both dampening and balancing the sugary lyrics.


The xx – Last Christmas Cover

A classic Radio 1 live lounge cover, The xx give Wham! a melancholic twist in line with Christmas heartbreak. Romy and Oliver add their soft vocals with Jamie’s sparse beats offering a relaxing electronic vibe.

Dog is Dead – Christmas Wrapping/Wonderful Christmastime

Nottingham’s very own D.I.D. (formerly Dog is Dead) have presented their festive offerings over the past years. There’s not shortage of xylophones, jangling guitars or perfect vocal harmonies in both songs. With an added cheeky saxophone, what’s not to love?

She and Him – A Very She & Him Christmas

Zooey Deschanel displays her range of talents as along with M. Ward they form the wonderfully twee, She & Him. Their album A Very She & Him is full of cute covers of the traditional songs, although not one for any grinches/ Scrooges out there.

Los Campesinos – A Doe to a Deer

Los Campesinos have been known for their ability to mix depressing lyrics with twee indie pop both of which are combined to give A Doe to a Deer. The words ‘I’ll be anything you want of me, carrot nosed encased in snow. /An angel teetering atop a tree, vomiting from vertigo.’ Show that they’re not afraid to be cynical and lends itself as an anti-Christmas tune.

The Wombats – Is this Christmas?

Another cynical take on Jesus’ birthday and the domestic drama that goes with it. The chorus itself questions what the point of Christmas is which is a perfect accompaniment to the post turkey dinner slump.

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